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Personal Training

At Gym Tonic, you will find the human element refreshing … we believe Personal Training is about building bonds and getting to know a client: your lifestyle, home-life, business commitments, needs and interests.


There is no other way to prescribe Personal Training without truly knowing a person’s limitations and boundaries inside and outside of the Health Club environment. We take great pride in ensuring our members reach their health and fitness goals at our family owned and operated facility. It is in our nature to do everything we can to achieve this goal.

Our Personal Training services range from the internationally successful 12-Week Challenge to single session purchases.

Our regular Personal Training clients will attest to the value of  purchases.

Session durations vary from 30 to 45 to 60 minutes in length.

Personal Training is very affordable and the benefits you will enjoy make it the best investment you’ll make this year. Try it out and give yourself the opportunity to be the best you can be.


What to expect from our Personal Training?…

Results, and fast!


  1. to be motivated
  2. encouraged to experience different exercise concepts
  3. to learn and gain knowledge allowing you to maximise your workout

How often will you require Personal Training?…

Well, there are no set rules and it’s here that you will have to rely on your trainers’ advice. As a guide we would recommend taking the time to sit down and discuss your objectives with a trainer, establish some short and long-term goals and plan to do a portion of your workout on your own.

Have a clear understanding of what different session durations provide then select a package and payment plan that suits you.

Expect to make progress and accept nothing less!

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