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GT Challenge


Discover… How To Drop Up to 10 Kilos of Body Fat without starving yourself or extreme dieting!

One of the biggest problems so many people have when starting their fitness routine can be summed up in the frustrations of, “I go to the gym, I train several times a week but I don’t seem to get the results I want”…

…”I can’t seem to lose the weight I want, I get stuck in the same cycle and can’t quite figure out what it is I can do to change it.

You’re under stress to succeed and yet you feel as though you’re spinning your wheels and not getting the traction that leads to your ideal goals.

The worst thing is the doubt that creeps into your thoughts and steals your confidence, ‘maybe I should just give up” and “others seem to be doing great, what’s wrong with me?”

And what about the guilt you feel about spending your money and no returns!!!


But none of this is your fault…

…Not being able to get the body you want isn’t even your fault.

…because its caused by “the mixed message problem in the media”.

Let me explain…

Let’s say you’ve identified what your “ideal body shape” is? You kinda know it’s a bit leaner, more toned or defined or you “just want to get fit”…

… the problem is that you’ve never been taught the strategy that works for you…

… you’ve been so afraid of trying something “new” or stepping out of your “comfort zone”

…and that’s by “the mixed message problem telling you what you ‘should’ do to lose weight”.

It causes all sorts of feelings to come up like “I’m not good enough”  and “whats wrong with me?”…

…Feeling like you are going around and around in circles… feeling stuck… wanting to move forward but not knowing how…

Simply put… “the mixed message problem” causes all sorts of Bull S#$T!!  to come up for you in your journey to achieving your fitness goals…

…and most of the time you don’t even know what’s real and what’s the Bull S#$T!!

And if you don’t know which is which, how can you know which approach to use?

But once you know the difference, then it’s easy to Realize Your Dream Body…

…and there’s two ways you can do this… the slow way and the quick way.

The slow way is to spend hours and hours trying to work it out on your own… trial and error and thinking you have it right only to realize that it’s still not hitting the mark and you are still not losing those extra kilos.

The quick way is to spend a little over $20 per week to be in an environment with a Personal Trainer because you can get instant feedback, unlimited support and get a real personalized approach to achieve the results you want right now.

If the Body Transformation Challenge seems like a fit for you, give us a call on 9293 4134 OR fill in your details below to connect with one of our friendly Lifestyle Consultants and start your journey today.


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