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Success Stories


Michelle888  “For anyone out there wondering whether Gym Tonic or their programs would be right for you, I say go for it! It takes 12 weeks to form a habit, so why not make it a good one with the support of a great team behind you?”

– Michelle Williamson

(BBC = Beach Body Challenge Program)


 TESTIMONIALS COMP TERRY     “I now have more energy for my job role and also keeping up with the kids. I have really made gym part of my life now.  I love going and feeling great once you have trained hard. My main motivation to keep going is not to go back to the lifestyle I had before and the weight I carried.”   – Terry Newman



COMP - Terese Hooper“If you need that extra push to help you drop kgs and achieve extra toning, don’t be afraid to use Gym Tonic’s PT sessions. I also find the classes at Gym Tonic rewarding – when I don’t have the motivation to train myself, they help push me through and keep me on track.” – Terese Hooper


COMP - Peter Bailey composite   “I would encourage anyone to give it a go with Gym Tonic; with their helpful, encouraging staff, very fair and reasonable rates, and professional efforts to work with you to lose those extra kgs, it is worth it.  I was 120 kgs in August.  I am now 102 kgs, and that’s after I have put about 6-7 kgs of muscle back on.  They say you feel more alive… mmmm, they’re right, I feel fantastic.” – Peter Bailey (BBC=Beach Body Challenge Program)



COMP - Sue Harwood - Composite photo “I am now in my 50s, but I can tell you it is NEVER too late to sign up to improve your fitness.  Your body and your brain will love you for it.”

– Sue Harwood

(BBC = Beach Body Challenge Program)



 COMP BEFORE AND AFTER LISA HOSE “From the first day I walked into Gym Tonic I felt welcome. Their positive and supportive environment is what I needed. I was acknowledged and encouraged to keep going and give it my best – this made it easier to keep motivated and I wanted to do the staff proud as they had given me so much support.  I am forever grateful to the Gym Tonic staff for everything.” – Lisa Hose (Winner of Channel 10’s “Biggest Loser”)



 Melissa Duxbury - CompositeWEB “The gym has a very personalized feeling.   Staff are so friendly and approachable.  In my mind this definitely sets them apart.  They don’t have a huge turnover of staff like some of the bigger ‘chain’ gyms and their classes have the client in mind.    I would say that the service they provide is one where you aren’t just a membership number; Gym Tonic’s staff take a genuine interest in your goals and what motivates you. “

– Melissa Duxbury

(BBC = Beach Body Challenge Program)



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